Due to the lack of Arabic resources of translated material (whether press, researches, or documentaries), we have launched Tarjama in an attempt to fill the huge gap in this regard.

Tarjama seeks to inform, educate and create awareness among Syrians and Arabs concerning:

  • What the Western media publishes about their cause so that they be aware of the way international policies deal with it.
  • How the Western media discusses the subject of Islam and Arab society.
  • How the Arab affairs is debated by think tanks and Western’s high quality research and study houses.

During the past year our professional translation team worked tirelessly to provide the Arab readers with the most important and fresh materials that discusses issues of interest to them. Our achievements record the following production:

Translating 1300 press and research materials from 8 international languages (English, French, Dutch, Hebron, Persian, Turkish, Russian, and Swedish).

And… Translating 145 films and video clips (documentaries, seminars, press reports and breaking news).

Objectives & Message

Tarjama informs, educates, creates awareness, and spreads knowledge among Arabs concerning issues of interest to them that they cannot find in their local media and press outlets. It is a project for bridging the gap of knowledge between the West and Middle East.

Indeed, our objectives for the coming term (2017-2018) is decided based on our audience preferences and feedback. Therefore, our plan includes the following developments:

  • Increasing the number of followers on social media to 500,000.

  • Expanding the translation team and the number of languages we translate.

  • Developing and circulating a daily quick note/e-newsletter that includes headlines of foreign newspapers.

  • Doubling the translation of video materials (documentaries, interviews, reports, breaking news).

  • Providing audience with translated video materials on capacity building and political and legal qualifications.

  • Providing translation for book summaries related to policy, rights, counter extremism, modernity and state translational experiences.

Audience & Language



Online, Social and Digital Media.



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