MINDSHARE is a project that seeks to develop and build bridges between individuals, owners of constructive ideas and achievers of success and aspiration in the Middle East and the West. The notion is to persuade and empower individuals in Middle East to express their mind, build and upgrade their knowledge base, and to highlight the initiatives of hope-makers in an endeavor for inspiration.

Therefore, Awareness and Change Inc. is developing MINDSHARE to represent a persuasive platform for ideas sharing, constructive dialogue, debate, and communication as well as a source of trusted information, enabling individuals and leaders of change to interact and exchange ideas for the benefit of communities and societies in the Middle East, USA and the West, in general.

Objectives & Message

MINDSHARE seeks to provide a rich and continuous series of programs in two major tracks:

Hiwar (Dialogue): Youth dialogue and debate (held monthly and shared/distributed widely).

Afkar (Thoughts): A series of HD video-taped short interviews with change-leaders and hope-makers, in varied domains (peace-making, civil society services, leadership, science, technology, business…etc.)


Arabic & English


Traditional and Nontraditional Media.




English-Arabic Speakers, Middle-Eastern, American and Arab.

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