Since the dawn of the last century, the mind of the Islamic awakening has formulated the guidance discourse in defeatist conditions against the civilized world, in which Muslims are persecuted by the foreign colonizer, and suffer the cultural humiliation that followed the fall of the caliphate regime.

Similarly, the crisis of the Middle Eastern youth today, in the light of this extremist wave and atheism which followed the Arab Spring, reflects the crises of the effective mind in its understanding of the contemporary religious change.

There is no doubt that the puns adopted today by several Islamic scholars in public affairs are exposed, and no longer benefit social demands and economic constraints. They have not become masters of good governance, nor have they presented a clearly defined project to honor human beings. Indeed, the violent picture, which they draw, increases the convictions to reject the totalitarian discourse.

Therefore, TANWEER comes to provide an alternative voice and a contemporary approach and vision of dealing with religious affairs, the Qur’an and life. It is an enlightenment project that encourages people to wonder about the first cause and leads them to gradual change. TANWEER is an initiative to building of civilization and intellectual awareness.

Objectives & Message

TANWEER seeks to provide a platform/forum for insightful and enlightenment ideas in the field of Islamic religious affairs, the Qur’an and life through the production/documentation, publishing, and streaming of a series of high quality seminars, interviews (English and Arabic; video, audio, and text) with the creators of the new origins of the thought of dealing with the Qur’an, such as Mohammad Shahroor, Jawdat Saeed, and other contemporary visionaries and scholars of religious change and thinking.

TANWEER is a high-impact project that tries to bring new facts to light and tackle prejudgments. Similarly, it aims at raising awareness about new origins of religious thought and change, encouraging and engaging audience to create discussions and dialogue, as well as advancing high-level discourse on contemporary religious thought


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English and Arabic speakers, Middle-Eastern living in the West, and American.

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