Why New Syrian?

The Syrian crisis has revealed a profound threat to human, geography and the Syrian identity. Therefore, it is essential to make every effort to re-collect the Syrian diaspora. This requires, above all else, the formation of a new awareness and the rehabilitation of the Syrian revolution as a national liberation movement by relieving the Syrians of the consequences of war thought, and healing the society from the historical damages that preceded the crisis which paved the way for the masses to follow the slogans of sectarian and radical ideologies imposed by the regime and then established by the foreign extremist forces coming from outside the border.

Objectives & Message

The New Syrian is an awareness and change project that provides a modern vision and a rational speech that facilitates a true knowledge-environment for the Syrians and affirms everything positive in their history and identity. The project aims at:

  • Redefining the Syrian identity and placing it in its historical and contemporary context.

  • Facilitating a discussion platform and providing audience the information and analysis necessary to the formation of new wakefulness based on knowledge and awareness.

  • Attracting, supporting and empowering creative Syrian youth so that they can contribute to the restoration of the role of the youth and its impact in guiding and leading the national process.

Therefore, we are looking for financial support to execute the following objectives:

  • Attracting new writers and increase exclusive content of interest to audience.

  • Increasing content on capacity building, leadership skills, conflict resolution, and counter extremism.

  • Increasing content on Syrian women and youth.

  • Converting textual content into audio and video formats.

  • Enhancing and increasing interactivity with audience and engaging them in discussions about matters of interest to them.

  • Increasing penetration and maintaining reach to audience inside and outside Syria.

  • Bypassing/avoiding censorship and accessibility blockage.

Audience & Language

Syrian; Arabic


Online, Social and Digital Media.




Through its multimedia platform (including and social media) New Syrian interacts with Syrian audience and provides the necessary information and analysis about what is going around the Syrians so that they can figure out the challenges of their future and be ready to deal with and overcome such challenges and achieve their ambitions.

The New Syrian digs into the cultural and social heritage that contributed to the formation of the Syrian personality in an attempt to isolate the ideas that hinder the Syrians from advancing. It is a project to form the personality/identity of the New Syrian whom the project aims to contribute to its creation.

The NewSyrian.Net introduces insightful reports and analysis, bold and hard topics that discuss a wide spectrum of social and religious affairs. Likewise, it debates matters of human rights and political education, as well as entrepreneurship and capacity building issues.

Success Factors

Since inception in 2016 and up to June 2017, New Syrian’s team developed and produced more than 4,000 exclusive video and text materials.

All New Syrian’s platforms are taken care of by a group of Syrian activists who are committed to the cause of the Syrian people in their quest for liberation and salvation from everything that hinder their progress towards the future. The team is comprised of a diverse group of media production experts, civil and human rights activist, authors, journalist and opinion leaders who are living in the United States and abroad.

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