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السوريين الحلوين


Why Elsoryyeen Elhelween

It is no secret that Syria is stuck in a brutal war that is ripping the country and threatening international security. Nonetheless, as in other places, it is the youth who shoulder the heftiest load of conflict and poverty. As a result of these pains, Syrian human development has fallen by around five decades during the war. The country now ranks 149th in the UNHD Index, a sharp drop by 43 spots since 2011.

According to the UN, there are around five million Syrian registered refugees who fled the country due to the war, and a high percentage of them is unemployed. Whilst these refugees could have made success in securing safer places to stay in, it is unsafe for them and the hosting communities to stay unemployed.

It should be highlighted, however, that there is a great number of refugees who could have great ideas but unable to turn what in their minds into projects due to depression, hopelessness and other different reasons and circumstances.

Therefore, by starting and growing businesses, they can regain self-confidence, have meaning for their lives, and contribute to the development of themselves, their local economies and creating jobs for other. Indeed, Syrian entrepreneurs can take advantage from this time of crisis and displacement if they are trained and their skills are developed in different sectors.

Therefore, Elsoryyeen Elhelween comes to promote for culture of entrepreneurship and encourage free enterprising among Syrians. It is a project that introduces Syrian entrepreneurs and initiators as ambassadors in their host countries.

Objectives & Message

This project involves the production and promoting of unlimited textual material and audio-video reports and interviews that illustrate inspiring Syrian initiatives that serve the society and work for the advancement of good practice within the communities the Syrians live in. It encourages the spirt of self-confidence, entrepreneurship, and innovation, and prepares Syrians to transfer this entrepreneurial knowledge and spirt from the diaspora to Syria to rebuilding the country.

The idea behind launching this program stems from our belief and understanding that social change cannot happen unless there is inspiration.

The program covers successful and distinguished entrepreneurs, individuals, groups, as well as corporations and startups run by Syrians worldwide. Likewise, Elsoryeen Elhelween will show Syrian role examples who are speaking up, showing care, building trust, giving hope, as well as informing and drawing a clear vision of the future.

Audience & Language

Syrians (Worldwide); English & Arabic


Online, Social and Digital Media.



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